Friday, June 6, 2008

Foxy Poxy

Here's Foxy Poxy and her spotted brother. I wish I could show you her back but she won't let me take a picture. (My children are both some how 10 times more modest then I am. Go figure.) She has about 5 times as many pox on her back as he has on his whole body. In any case, both pox monsters are on the mend. We should be past our contagious stage tomorrow as everything has scabbed over. So, we are really looking forward to our weekend.

I have learned something of interest during a 2 am bath of Ramsey's. I bought the kids bath crayons to distract them during oatmeal baths. I was dead tired and just started writing random letters on the bath tub. Evidently Ramsey can read both uppercase and lowercase letters. Out of order, not just memorized. I had no idea she knew that. Then we were in the car yesterday and she points to a sign and tells Isaac it says zoo. She was right.

So, not only do I feel stupid for not knowing she could do this. A touch smug that my kid is smart. But validated that my laid back approach to homeschooling is working out all right.
And just to tease, here is a picture of a recent batch of tester cookies. They are thin and crispy peanut butter cookies and they are wonderful. I'm not a giant pb cookie fan but I loved these.
More cookies coming soon.


Ricki said...

Aw, poor little ones! I got the pox at aged 16 (horrible, horrible) but do remember that baking soda baths completely removed all itching--at least while I was in the bath.

Cookies look yummy!

Manda said...

That photo of Ramsay is deathly cute!!! Oh my goodness!! Even I'm proud of the little bugger! (Make sure you're teaching her how to swim, too. ;))

PS I wanna know that cookie recipe.

Anonymous said...

Amen about the relaxed schooling! Several months ago my son who was about to turn 5 (and had no interest in formal learning) just randomly read off some numbers on a sign in Walmart. Shortly after he started writing numbers and letters. I never really "taught" him these things formally but he picked them up some how. It is amazing how little minds are like sponges and they just soak up knowledge all the time, not just when sitting working in a boring old text book! Woo hoo for unschooling!